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About me

I am a multi-industry, multi-disciplinary leader who has improved operations in a number of businesses as a manager and as a consultant

My biography

My name is Wyanne Smallboy-Wesley, and I am an Iyethka Neweyo woman from the Chiniki First Nation. I am honored to be the great-granddaughter of Chief Robert Smallboy, a community leader who brought national attention to problems faced by urban and reserve Indians of when he “returned to the land” with followers from troubled Canadian Indian reservations. As an Indigenous consultant, I specialize in helping Indigenous youth integrate into the workforce. I believe that by providing education and job readiness training that respects and incorporates Indigenous knowledge, we can create meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for our youth.

Relevant awards

Wyanne Smallboy-Wesley, created cook with stone in collaboration with FESA and has received the prestigious Canada Life Literacy Innovation Award in 2022. This innovative educational program was designed to teach Indigenous youth how to cook using traditional Indigenous methods, incorporating language and cultural teachings into the curriculum. As the top award winner, the program received $20,000. This award is a testament to Wyanne’s dedication and expertise in empowering Indigenous youth and communities through innovative approaches that respect and incorporate Indigenous perspectives.

Mission statement

At Loon Company, our mission is to empower Indigenous youth and communities through the integration of traditional knowledge and modern approaches. We believe that by respecting and incorporating Indigenous perspectives, we can create sustainable solutions that benefit all members of society. Through our work, we aim to promote cross-cultural understanding and reconciliation, and to create opportunities for meaningful employment and economic growth in Indigenous communities. As an Indigenous-owned and -operated company, we are dedicated to upholding the values of our ancestors and contributing to the well-being of our communities. We strive to foster relationships built on trust, mutual respect, and collaboration, and to leave a positive impact on the world around us.

Press features

Wyanne empowers you to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals